Still Renting a Modem from Comcast/Optimum? Please, Just Give Me Your Money…

No, seriously just give your money to me because you’re just pissing it away to your internet service provider.

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Ok now that we’ve established that let’s get down to it.

So many people are cutting the cord and ditching traditional tv service through companies like Comcast.  They’re just not seeing value in spending hundreds of dollars a month for content they don’t watch.  One thing is for sure they’re not getting rid of their internet service.

Well what about that $8-12 a month you’re spending to rent one of their modems and/or routers?  On average that’s $120 a year, which is, in most cases, a minimum contract for those providers.

You can buy a refurbished modem for about $25-$40 and a decent wireless router for $30-$60.  Here’s are a few I’d recommend.

Arris SURFboard Cable Modem (Average Speed):  $25 On Amazon.
Arris SURFboard Cable Modem (High Speed):  $35 On Amazon. 

Netgear R6300 802.11AC Wireless Router (High Speed):  $58.20 at Newegg
AUSU 3 in 1 Wireless Router (Average Speed):  $28 on Amazon.

So for less than what you spend in a year in a rental, you own your hardware that I’d bet will last you far beyond the first year, creating hundreds of dollars in savings.

Personally I found a Motorola modem refurbished for $30 and an Apple AirPort Extreme Wireless router for $100.  Apple wireless routers are VERY easy to setup and use but there is rumor they’re discontinuing them.  That was three years ago, saving me about $230 to date and it was far easier to setup than the hardware Comcast was providing me.

It’s really a no brainer.  Be sure to check to make sure the modem you select is supported by your provider.  

Comcast can be found here.

Optimum can be found here

You don’t need to be very technically savvy to setup your own wireless network.  You’ll find that there are plenty of advantages and most of the top brands have a mobile app that make setup a breeze.

There ya go.  Go save some money and do whatever you’d like with it.  I’d suggest buying me a beer.  Cheers.

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