The Battle of the Unlimited Plans. UPDATED

Let me start off by saying that you need to do some basic research on which carrier is going to be best supported in your area.  There’s no need in saving $10-$20 a month and not be able to make phone calls when you need to.

With that being said, let me take this opportunity to break down all of the new “Unlimited” plans that all major US carriers are providing.

Highlighted in yellow are the best deals and red are the worst deals.


As you process that here are some things you absolutely need to think about.

  1.  Sprint’s current pricing is “Promotional Pricing” stating that in March 2018 these “Unlimited Plans” pricing and data will change making your 3rd and 4th line $30 each.
  2. T-Mobile’s pricing is a flat rate after taxes and fees.  This is really a nice deal since all the other carriers are going to hit you with $7-10 each month for that. (Pricing reflects using auto-pay)
  3. There is no activation fee if you are already a T-Mobile user. (They charge you for the sim card)

I think it’s absurd that AT&T doesn’t offer a Mobile Hotspot option especially when being the most expensive option.

So if you’re considering changing the plan on your current carrier or switching carriers completely like I did the data is all here.  I can’t remind you enough that you really need to do some homework on coverage in the areas you spend the most.  I know that T-Mobile is very strong in Philadelphia and I’ve had a great experience with it from the areas outside of Philadelphia I spend the most time in.

Feel free to ask any questions down below in the comments field.  And be sure to check out my T-Mobile testimonial coming later this week.


Wow so in the week that originally posted this blog I had no idea that things were just heating up.  Here are some updates that you need to know about if you’re considering changing your plan or carrier.

AT&T:  Now offering 10Gb of data tethering option with all Unlimited plans. This keeps them competitive with everyone else.


This is what I LOVE about T-Mobile.  They’re extremely competitive when it comes to having the best to offer their customers.  Starting March 1, 2017, T-Mobile will now offer 3 lines for $100 taxes and fees included!  This $41 cheaper than their previous offerings as seen on the chart above.  So if you or your family need 3 lines you’re landing at just over $33 per line for unlimited data.  Unreal!

So lets recap the best options (remember do your homework on carrier maps) for each lines:

1 Line – Sprint but I don’t feel great about their coverage map or the face that the deal is going to change in 2018.  T-Mobile is most likely going to be the best overall option at $70 flat with a larger data pool and better overall cover.  Plus your taxes and fees are included.

2 Lines – T-Mobile again is going to take his one.

3 Lines – as well because for $100 taxes and fees included T-Mobile is going to offer you 3 lines.  Same as the cost as 2.  Plus it’s $50+ cheaper than Verizon and AT&T.

4 Lines – This is where T-Mobile likes to blur the lines a bit.  They say anything after your 2nd line is “Free” so with that pricing model 3 lines will cost you $100 flat but 4 lines total will cost you $141.  (Same as 3 lines on their pervious plan).

I hate to admit it but this crazy man is doing it right.


For more information, I recently made the switch to T-Moblie.  You can read all about it here.

Feel free to comment blow with any additional questions.

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