The First of Many

Why would someone want to have their own blog or website?  Well for me it’s pretty simple.  I wanted a clean ad-free (mostly) environment to showcase my photos, videos, and thoughts.  Now sure with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more I could do all that but here it’s all in a single place.

Another interesting thought is that since our new president has taken office people use Facebook to share their feelings about it.  Why not Facebook has basically come the digital soapbox for millennials.  What surprises me is the amount of people that take offense for someone stating their opinion on their PERSONAL social media page.  I think it’s Facebook’s News Feeds that really cause this conflict.  When you log into your Facebook account what do you see?  No content of your own, just content and opinions of others and I think people are overly sensitive to seeing these post because they feel they’re directed toward them.unnamed

But enough about that.  Here is my elegant solution to that.  If you want to see what I have to say you can actively travel here.  (Or be forwarded here from my shameless self promotion via social media)  Either way an it’s an extra step.

I’m really excited to showcase photos and videos that I take both of traveling and of nonsense.  (See past videos for perfect examples) I’m also stoked to have a place to write about things that I spend a more than average amount of time thinking about.  And lastly since so many of you ask me about some of the latest tech gadgets out there, I’ll be reviewing many of them as well.

So sit back, hit refresh as much as you want, leave some notes and opinions (if I decide to leave you that option) and enjoy the things on this site that have made me happy enough to spend hours capturing it and hosting it for you.



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