Happy One Month Anniversary Jaredcwood.com

Today marks the one month since I launched this website.  I launched it for a number of reasons.  First off a I wanted a place where I could share elaborate ideas, thoughts, photos, and videos without them automatically being posted to your personal walls.  Now sure, I promote the site on social media so in a way you’re seeing ads for it but to really dig deep into the content you have to do so willingly.  So for that, you’re welcome.

Throughout social media I’ve recognized a few people that I really think would benefit from a website similar to this.  (Don’t worry I’ll be calling you out personally in a few minutes)  Not because I don’t want to see their thoughts and content anymore, Facebook made that very easy to “hide” you, but because they seem to have great things to say that get cut short but the character limits of twitter or the “load more” option of Facebook.  For example my girlfriend Leann Delorenzo has a great blog where she elaborates on her endeavors of health & fitness. (Happy Birthday shout out!)


Also it’s really nice to be able to do this without the mess of ads.

That’s right I pay out of pocket to keep this site ad free so you’re welcome.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Original content goes a long way.
I’m blown away with the 1600+ hits spanning 16 countries, that I’ve received in just the first month.  All of the things I’ve been writing about are things I’ve been doing my own research on even if I didn’t start this site.  People ask me tech related questions almost daily so this is just an easy way for them to get most of that information.  Don’t worry we can still share a beer but instead we’ll talk about something ridiculous we’re both witnessing at the bar.

Running a website can be addicting.
I’ve only been doing this for a month and it’s almost always on my mind.  Working two jobs, a graduate student, and maintaining relationships with friends is already enough.  I’ve found that researching new ideas for this site has taken up almost every free moment my mind has.

You’re all terrible decision makers.
But that seems very common these days.  Even though I’ve put all of the facts right in front of you I can’t tell you how many people still want to know about different Unlimited Plan options or what people need to set up their own home network.

But that’s all ok.  Another reason I built this site is so that we can engage in those types of conversations.  God knows I’d prefer not to talk about politics.

So now I’m going to use this opportunity to call a few people out who I think should have their own website.

  • Briana Wallace screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-1-08-54-pm
    Briana is an extremely intelligent woman with a vast knowledge of trends in technology.  She also happens to work for one of the world’s most influential companies.  Your work allows you to be apart of some pretty major changes in the technology industry and you get to travel.


  • Tim Fitzpatrick & Connor Byrne screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-1-05-18-pm
    Tim and Connor have performed in a number ofdifferent bands with dozens of different members.  They currently play in the band Brackish together. They’re both very passionate about their craft and work on it countless hours after their daily grind.


  • Chad Sabo 13102649_10206019802997360_7272295403065304509_n
    I’m not sure Chad will ever read this but Chad is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever known.  He’s also now a Grammy nominated producer and the most humble person you’ll ever meet.  Never since Bruce Springsteen has Jersey been so proud to have you call it home.  I’ll even throw you a plug. The Cold Seas


  • Mike Antonioittiscreen-shot-2017-03-02-at-1-01-31-pm
    I can’t sit around watching you not share your talent anymore so of course I’m going to call you out.  You’re incredibly talented.  You have an archive of original music that could fill iPod Classic.  I don’t know why you don’t share your talent more with the world.  Believe me when I say they want to hear it.  Or is this how you want people to remember you?


  • Emily Pearson 12821499_10154056885881096_4650703883024992593_n
    Although I am not 1/100,000 the Lady Gaga fan that you are, I appreciate your passion.  You’ve got a clear idea of what you really love and I’ve seen it all over social media.  I know I’ve mentioned this to you before but you should really look into developing your own blog if you haven’t already.


  • Allison Barbati 15665432_879626551334_6528105151116789269_n
    You gave corporate America the middle finger and
    picked up and moved to Montana now you work on a ski and snowboard mountain.  The world could really learn more from experiences like this.  You’ve clearly made it work for you.


Now look.  I just picked six people off the top of my head that stood out.  If you’re name isn’t up there it doesn’t mean I don’t think you life is blog worthy, in fact I think most are. Either way who the fuck am I to say?  If you know this person please do me a favor and reach out out to them and let them know I blew up their spot.

Lastly thanks to all of those who have reached out over the past 3o days to give me feedback about the site, engaged in the site, and most of all shared the site with others.  I do this because I think the some of the information I can provide is valuable to people.  That allows my photos and videos to ride those coat tails and for that I’m extremely grateful.

If you’re considering making a website, WordPress and SquareSpace seem to be the most popular out there.  If you have any questions let know below and I’m happy to answer them.

I look forward to writing on here for years to come.

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