My Start in Live Music Photography.

I love music.  Who doesn’t?  Live music is one of my favorite forms of art.  It has been since I first saw Incubus many many years ago.  As I started getting into photography more and more I thought it would be cool to shoot shows for a number of reasons:

  1.  Maybe I could start snaking into show for free (Turned out to be true)
  2. I could capture some awesome images and gain priceless experience. (Also true)
  3. Perhaps one day I’d make some money off of it. (Thanks to Drum Magazine Also True)

Live music photography is unique in that they do not allow flashes in, what can be, a very dark setting.  So you’re set testing the trust test of your camera’s ISO capabilities as well as the largest aperture you can find.

So started sending out credential requests to every show I wanted to see on behalf of the University I was enrolled in.  Being as I was a paid campus photographer it wasn’t hard to get the credentials I wanted to for all of the bands that I loved.  Thankfully Flickr never deleted my account so I came across some oldies that I thought I would share.  #TBT

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